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An Award Winning Model

Professional Scientific Services (PSS) is a scientific staffing program specifically designed to give you the "non-permanent" workforce you need for anywhere from one year to 10 years or more. We hire, train and manage our employees to perform analytical scientific programs at your site, using your quality systems. This innovative staffing model provides a non-permanent, long-term and cost-effective way to meet your scientific staffing needs that is fully compliant with co-employment law. Our PSS program is offered globally and provides the same scope of services, expertise and cGMP compliance available at the Lancaster facilities. Lancaster Laboratories has offered PSS for 10 years. All of our current PSS projects are successful and growing with more than 600 employees serving customers at more than 30 different global sites in 5 countries.

Why Choose Lancaster Laboratories Scientific Services?

Our PSS program:
  • Solves potential co-employment issues associated with hiring traditional temporary staff.
  • Costs you less than your own full-time employees.
  • Avoids the turnover rate that traditional temporary staffing agencies face by offering employees benefits and more long-term employment opportunities.
  • Provides you with the security of keeping your projects in your facility.
  • Gives you a detailed scope of the effectiveness of the staffing program through performance management metrics.
  • Offers you a contingency plan for emergency situations: If facility issues prevent on-site testing, work can be transferred to our laboratory facilities, and Lancaster Laboratories personnel can be trained to provide emergency manpower.
  • Provides a resource for technical expertise and support through laboratory staff at our facilities.

Scientific Services Leadership


Beth DiPaolo – President25 years with Lancaster Laboratories

Michele Turner – Director25 years with Lancaster Laboratories

Bob Reagan – Senior DirectorOver 15 years with Lancaster Laboratories


With our Professional Scientific Services, you get a scientific staff dedicated to your projects backed by our 50 years of experience in managing laboratory work and our history of Human Resources best practices.

What our Scientific Services Customers are Saying:

“We needed a very fast, cost-effective, non-temp staffing solution to address our critical business needs and expand our drug development capabilities. Lancaster Labs' Professional Scientific Services allowed us to have all the benefits of fulltime, highly-qualified scientists from an experienced contract lab in our lab, using our methods and SOPs, without co-employment issues more quickly and cost effectively than we could have ever accomplished. We had not anticipated all the benefits,” says a leading biotech firm executive & Professional Scientific Services customer.* This PSS site grew up to more than 70 people. “In our case, we had several issues to solve. We had a lot of projects that had to be done very quickly and didn't have the people to do them. And with the extremely tight turnarounds required, outsourcing may have taken too long. Finally, to be perfectly honest, we had some proprietary methods and analytical techniques that we really preferred to keep in-house. Addressing every problem we had, Professional Scientific Services gave us the means of getting our work done by high-level scientists with our methods in our house faster than outsourcing,” says an executive with a global pharmaceutical company & Professional Scientific Services customer.* This PSS site has grown to 10 people. “I was so impressed with the quality and professionalism of Lancaster Laboratories' Professional Scientific Services team, I would request PSS services for future growth vs. hiring my own staff,” says a senior executive with one of the world's largest R&D firms & Professional Scientific Services customer. This PSS site has grown to more than 85 people. *While these are the words of PSS customers, Lancaster Laboratories' confidentiality agreements protect customers' anonymity.

Our proven success in providing dedicated staffing for a variety of technical disciplines includes:

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Proteomics
  • Biochemistry
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sampling
  • Genomics
  • Method Development/Method Validation
  • Microscopy
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Bioinformatics
  • Cell Biology
  • Immunochemistry
  • Sample Administration
  • Training
  • Mechanical Testing

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