Lancaster Laboratories Introduces New Logo

A new year. A new logo. A new look.

When Eurofins Scientific acquired Lancaster Laboratories last year, we joined their global network of laboratories as a leading provider of contract scientific services. Through past ownership transitions, Lancaster Laboratories has maintained the values and brand that we have successfully established throughout the past 50 years. As we progress through our integration with Eurofins, there is an appreciation of the value in the Lancaster Laboratories brand that our clients have come to trust. And Eurofins also has strong brand awareness in the laboratory industry with locations in more than 30 countries across Europe and the US.

This year we are unveiling a new logo that incorporates both the Eurofins’ and Lancaster Laboratories’ names. Together, Eurofins and Lancaster Laboratories provide market-leading scope of services to clients worldwide. While our logo has changed, our mission, values and commitment to you has not. We remain dedicated to serving the health and environmental needs of society through science and technology and continue to live our values every day. Importantly, this logo change does not involve any change to our legal entity. Our legal name remains Lancaster Laboratories, Inc., and there is no need for changes to contracts or agreements.

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