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Letter from the Chairman

Letter from the Chairman

Welcome to Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories. We’re one of the largest commercial contract laboratories in the world providing comprehensive laboratory services in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and environmental sciences in both in our laboratories and in client facilities. Our goal is to be the premier provider of laboratory services worldwide while delivering an outstanding service experience for you.

For every customer around the world, we focus on providing excellent quality and service in all that we do. While many talk about quality, at Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories we demonstrate it – client by client, sample by sample. Viewing quality as fully meeting your requirements, we make sure we understand exactly what those requirements are and then work with you as a partner to meet your project needs. Our comprehensive management and quality systems enable us to complete the most complex projects accurately, responsively and in rigorous compliance with applicable regulations.

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories is a global leader not just in terms of size, but in terms of listening to our customers and caring about all those our business touches. Since our beginnings as a 2,500-square-foot laboratory in 1961, we have believed that taking care of our employees and listening to our customers is absolutely essential to our success. This strong customer-service focus coupled with high quality laboratory services has enabled us to grow in to one of the largest and most successful commercial testing laboratories in the world. Through intensity and innovation, our employees are driven to provide you with the highest levels of scientific expertise.

Thank you for the trust you continue to put in us. We greatly appreciate your business and will continue to work hard to earn your trust every day. I invite you to share your comments and suggestions with me, as we are constantly looking for new ways to better serve you.

J. Wilson Hershey, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board

Contact: jwhershey@lancasterlabs.com